July 17, 2012

Suikoden Tierkreis: Asad

Finally got some photos of me in full costume with my new armor! These were taken at Anime Expo 2012.

During post-processing, I somehow settled into this sandy gritty look so I kept that as a running theme for this set of photos.

BAM. The light just made this one for me. Love the racking focus and the clarity of my face. Man, the armor looks so great here! Makes me happy to know that my hard work really paid off.

My second cosplay portrait. I really don't like close-ups of my face but I really liked this one. Some say I look deep in thought. Others say that I just look like I'm about to pop a cap in somebody's ass.

Made this one a bit brighter. My friend Lee and I both agreed that this would make a good coscard if we crop it right. I don't think I'll ever make one though!

Ohhhh, yeah! The staging is so simple but it's still dynamic! You can see my entire costume here.

This is my second photoshoot to date. I'm hoping to get some more photos at a better location and in better weather. My wig and make-up were getting ready to slide off my face because of the heat in LA!

Honestly, I wasn't expecting the photos to turn out well at all, mainly because I'm a terrible model... Luckily, Julia was my photographer and managed to order me around well enough to get some decent photos out of me. She was even using my nitpicky camera.

Granted, all of these were post-processed by me but if the original photo isn't good to begin with, you're not getting great photos by the end! I certainly don't have a true photographer's eye but things don't look too shabby right now!

I don't have any really good shots of the front, mainly because my stomach looks absolutely horrible in most of them! Working on it D: Which is why you only to see these few photos.

Also, see what a little tweeking to your photos can do. This is the same photo as last one but just processed differently. I might use it as a banner in the future! But I dunno if I want to see my face every time I come here to update my blog. Anyway, see you next time!

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Jean Liang said...

wowww!! so pro!!! upload some armor making tutorials please!

Determined said...

This is crazy good!!!!

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